RelQual Associates of Northern California helps companies market better-qualified products through stress-testing(HASS), software engineering, design-for-reliability(DFR) and related technical services. Reliability and Product Qualification Engineering Services
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Introducing RelQual Associates


RelQual Associates is a network of experienced independent engineering consultants in several disciplines, offering technical services in Product Qualification and Full-Service Environmental Testing.

Product Qualification and Evaluation Services help product developers design in quality and streamline the design process, reducing failures and improving time-to-market.

These services include Design-for-Reliability, Design-for-Manufacturability, Design-for-Test, Planning for HALT, environmental stress testing and regulatory pre-qualification, software quality testing, failure analysis, regulatory pre-auditing (ISO900x), and others.

Environmental Testing Services are made possible by special agreements between RelQual and a network of labs having extensive environmental test capability. This makes it possible to qualify products to meet regulatory standards, such as MIL standards, CISPR, ANSI, UL, IEC, CE, CCC, BELLCORE and others.

Lab services include RF/Microwave Radiated Emissions and Immunity, Conducted (AC mains) Emissions and Fault Immunity, ESD Immunity, Random and Sinusoidal Vibration, Mechanical Shock, HALT, HASS, Humidity/Salt Atmosphere, Package Drop test, IR imaging, SEM, X-ray and SIM imaging, Failure Analysis and others.

Founded by reliability engineering consultant Ron Purcell in June 2003, RelQual has over twenty active engineering Associates in addition to outside senior advisory consultants.

RelQual’s services are aimed at companies designing or making products to meet standards of safety, quality or reliability, or whose processes must comply with ISO, customer or government standards. RelQual can save time and cost in such cases by enabling firms to outsource tasks that previously drew in-house professionals off their primary roles during the period of product qualification. The diverse wealth of design experience in the RelQual group can help product developers avoid design mistakes that cause later qualification or field warranty problems.

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